Lonnie Barish is an energy broker and consultant who provides energy procurement and management services to diverse clients of all sizes, including commercial and industrial businesses, government/educational entities, and nonprofits.We are your single source for saving money on your energy bills today and in the future. We will help you determine the best energy options and implement energy saving products and practices. We assist in educating our clients of the ongoing changes and advancements in the energy industry and assist them with making purchasing decisions on energy procurement, management and curtailment.

Our unique operating model allows Lonnie Barish to provide more value in the market place by passing along to our customers the savings and efficiencies created by working as an extension of your procurement arm.

How we will help you:
  • We will navigate the maze of electricity and natural gas deregulation by analyzing, negotiating, contracting, and managing critical components of electricity and natural gas supply.
  • We will negotiate favorable “real time” pricing and contract terms and conditions in electricity and natural gas supply contracts.
  • We work hard so you will have minimal time investment and get maximum energy savings.
  • We save client’s money on utility bills.
  • We specialize in cost reduction services such as electric, gas, and telecom.
  • We provide services in 14 states Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington D.C, Texas, Rhode Island, Ohio, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, & Illinois
  • Our services are conducted on a performance basis so there is no retainer required (no upfront costs)
  • We leverage our expertise and massive purchasing power for electric and gas supply to save our clients the most money possible

How much savings can we expect to save our company?

We typically save our clients anywhere from 10% – 30% off their current local utilities electric and natural gas supply charges